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Casa John Tofo Mozambique

Welcome to Casa John, enjoy a stay at Casa John in the Tofo area of Mozambique, all the information you need about accommodation prices how to book a room and directions to Casa John Tofo Mozambique. See you soon

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A warm welcome to Casa John Tofo Mozambique,Casa John forms the last outpost on the Tofinho Beach, just 20 kilometres south of Inhambane. Its position provides spectacular coastal views, the sea spray tingling the decks of the three luxury houses.

Casa John Reservations:

There is no rush for you at Casa John. Designed and built by John and Jessica Youens, these houses were created with easy, relaxed living in mind. Domingo is on call to care for your needs – and will oversee daily cleaning.

Casa John forms the last outpost on the Tofinho Beach, just 20 kilometres south of Inhambane. Its position provides spectacular coastal views, the sea spray tingling the decks of the six luxury houses.

Resident whale sharks loll in the immediate waters, competing for space when migratory Hump Back Whales make their appearance from early June to October. From the living areas, dolphins can be sighted chasing their catch, frustrating sea birds and interrupting your afternoon siesta.


Accommodation at Casa John, Tofo

Each house is fully equipped and comfortably appointed. In the 3x3 bedroom houses your family and friends can spread out with ease between the three bedrooms and two bathrooms that sleep and accommodate 6 people. An open plan design marries the dining, kitchen and living areas.

These all centre towards the verandas that unashamedly stare on the beach views to either side and magnificent ocean ahead. An enclosed courtyard in the centre of each house provides sheltered space should the wind pick up.

The 3x2 bedroom houses overlook the pool area and also have spectacular sea views. Each bedroom has a double bed and single bed with an en suite bathroom. The living and kitchen area seperate the 2 bedrooms. There is also an enclosed courtyard.

Tofo does lie in a malaria area and all malaria precautions should be taken. Casa John is however far from any marsh areas that can attract mosquitoes and enjoys an almost constant breeze that also drives them off. Each bed is equipped with an oversized mosquito net and all bedroom windows are fitted with netting.


Diving & Snorkeling
The Tofo marine area is increasingly gaining a reputation as one of the best diving spots in the world. It is highly likely that you will spot whale shark on route to a dive and have the opportunity to snorkel with it. Invariably mantas circle you in numbers every time you go down on scuba off the famous Manta Reef. Also on show are cheeky devil rays, turtles, large schools of tropical fish, reef shark and the elusive harlequin shrimp.

Try Fishing
Casa John is superbly situated on a rocky cliff face, allowing excellent access for shore fishing. Local charters for deep-sea fishing are available and spear fishing is permitted off the entire coast.

Walk for miles:
Mozambique is famous for its long stretches of white beaches, and Tofo is no exception. Go shell hunting, watch the local fishermen or simply enjoy unspoilt beauty.

Sun and Surf:
Casa John provides ease of access between the two main beaches at Tofo and smaller secluded beaches along the Tofinho road. Lap up the sun and frolic in the waves in total isolation or on the main stretch.

Explore Linga-Linga bay and the estuary:
Tofo is in close proximity to Linga-Linga bay (see map) and Inhambane estuary, which not only provides an excellent days boating, but can also provide the unique experience of spotting the shy manatee and inshore seahorse.

Samba, biera and lullas:
Enjoy the rhythm of local Mozambican music, with a cold beer and local delicacies from the number of quaint restaurants and beach bars along the main beach.

Go local:
Mozambique has an interesting history and Inhambane does house a small museum and art gallery. Day trips can also be arranged to cross the Inhambane bay to opposite Maxixe by dohw boat. Explore the local markets and curios in Tofo and Inhambane and along the roads between them.

The Mozambique weather is ideal for tourism related activities all around the year. Mozambique crosses the tropic of Capricorn giving the country of Mozambique a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine all through the year it rarely gets cold. The average temperature is around 28°C, and the weather along the coast is sunny and warm even in midwinter.

The Mozambique weather is characterized by seasonal rains at a specific time of the year.
The rainy season is from November to April and the temperatures can get very hot and humid, particularly between December and February. A few spells of rain occur during the months of April to May and rain is very unusual between June and November.

Mozambique enjoys an average of 8 to 9 hours of sunshine daily throughout the year. Climate varies according to area. Inland is cooler than the coast and rainfall higher as the land rises, with most rain between January and March.

Temperatures and rainfall patterns vary greatly between the regions of the country. The areas along Mozambique’s north-eastern coast are the hottest and most humid in the country, while the high-altitude regions in the Nampula and Niassa provinces are the coolest. Conditions along the coast can be oppressively hot and humid, while inland the cooler nights relieve the heat of the day.

Tofo is a small town in southeastern Mozambique. The town lies on the Indian Ocean coast, on Ponto do Barra peninsula in Inhambane Province, 22 km drive from Inhambane city. A major Mozambican tourist destination, Tofo is home to beach villas and diving retreats, with tourists drawn by a long Indian Ocean beach front and nearby reefs which attract sealife. Along with Manta Rays and Sea Turtles, Tofo is one of the best destinations for divers to see Whale Sharks.

Casa John is located on the pristine cost line of Tofinho, 20 minutes' drive from Inhambane city, Inhambane Province, on the south coast of Mozambique. Tofinho is s ituated ±500 km north of Maputo, and a 4 X 4 vehicle is not necessary as the road is mostly good condition tarmac, although some areas are affected by potholes and in need of some maintenance. However the last ±1 km is a dirt road. All roads are clearly sign posted. Flights to Inhambane are also available and leave from OR Tambo airport..

Passports and Visas
Visas for South Africans are no longer required. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

Procedure at border
On arrival at the SA Border Post fill in attached form... and have it stamped at 1st counter, then proceed to have your passports stamped at 2nd counter. Ensure to list all items (e.g. radios, fridges, boats, etc) that will be returning with you to SA as a temporary import. Proceed to Mozambique Border Post where you will be given a gate pass.

Obtain compulsory car and trailer insurance from the insurance kiosks outside on the left . Proceed to offices on the right. In the office fill in passport forms (also attached...) and hand in at 1st counter on your right as you enter. A payment per passport is required.

It is very important to have your original car registration papers. If not available due to HP agreement obtain a letter from the bank stating you are entitled to take the vehicle out of the country. This applies to trailers as well. Proceed outside and find a guard to inspect your vehicle and sign your gate pass.

NB: You are only allowed a certain quota of liquor so be aware they will be looking for more. You may now proceed to the gate where you must produce the stamped gate pass.

Driver's licenses
These must be carried at all times and it is very important to stick to the speed limit, especially through the little villages. General speed limit is 120 but slow down to 60 going through towns. Seat belts must be worn.

If you are stopped by the police do not be intimidated but try and be pleasant. Remember you are a guest in their country. If towing a vehicle, a triangle must be attached to the front of the car as well as to the rear of the trailer. You are required to carry a safty vest and two red emergency triangles in case your vehicle breaks down.

Casa John Reservations:


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Komatipoort 590km

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Inhambane 25km

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Mozambique electricity plug 2 Pin round

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