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Casa Barry is a beautiful, scenic lodge situated in Tofo Mozambique. The focus at Casa Barry is to provide our guests with a memorable experience. So join us at Casa Barry to relax and enjoy sun filled days soaking up the warmth that Mozambique has to offer..

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Casa Barry Reservations:

Casa Barry is a beautiful, scenic lodge situated in Mozambique.
Our focus is to provide our guests with a memorable experience. Relax and enjoy sun filled days soaking up the warmth that Mozambique has to offer.
Take our perfect beaches, our food/culture and you have one of the best tourist destinations in the world.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Non Catering Casitas
There are ten 2-bed casitas which consist of a single (reeded) room with two beds and a basic bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. These chalets are serviced but do NOT have any catering facilities. (These units do not have sea views)

Self-catering Chalets
There are eight 4-bed and four 6-bed fully serviced, self-catering chalets with a lounge, kitchen and bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. Each chalet has a large verandah and separate braai facilities.

New Self Catering Cabanas
Our new self catering Cabanas can accommodate 4 people in two separate bedrooms, each unit is fully equipped for self catering and has two separate bathrooms one with toilet, shower and basin and the other with a separate toilet. All units have wonderful sea views over Tofo Bay.

Directors Cottage
We have built a wonderful big house on the lodges property, the Directors Cottage has 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms, it is equipped for self catering and has one of the best views over Tofo Bay. The Directors Cottage sleeps 10 however one of the rooms is very large and two extra beds can be installed for extra children sharing.
A truly awesome experience if you are a large group.

Restuarant and Bar
The Lodge has a restaurant and bar facility on the premises. One can self cater in ones Chalet or utilize the Restaurant and bar facilities. We specialize in seafood and depending on what our fishermen catch, usually determines what is fresh on our menu that day. We also have wonderful meat, chicken and pasta dishes available.
The water at the lodge is safe to drink as it is sourced from our onsite boreholes, it is then put through a high quality filtration plant which eliminates most of the brackish taste, normally associated with borehole water close to the sea.

Mozambique is an extremely safe country to travel in, with the local population being kind and gentle. The lodge is protected by on site security personnel 24 hours a day. They are also there to assist with watching over children and assisting guests in any eventuality. This service is provided for all our guests as a matter of caution.
The Lodge
The lodge is situated on the southern tip of Tofo point and covers an area of 7 acres which has been developed with the family tourist in mind.
Situated right on the beach, access is by foot and no vehicles are required should you wish to go and have a quiet swim in the clear warm water in the bay. The lodges property borders onto the high water mark and allows guests a wonderful view of the whole bay especially if one is in the Restaurant and Bar which overlooks the entire Tofo bay.
The Lodge has been built with local materials and all accommodation is in reed and thatch units, many of our guests return year after year and make Casa Barry their number one choice of holiday destination.
We would love to have you visit us, so that we can show you what Magic Mozambique is all about.

Tofo Beach
Tofo beach is situated in the province of Inhambane and is 22km from the City of Inhambane.
Inhambane as a City is steeped in history as it was a favourite place for ancient sailors and slave traders to stop and replenish their resources. The natural estuary allows vessels to enter a naturally calm area where there was always fresh water and supplies. Vasco De Gama the famous Portuguese adventurer made Inhambane one of his favourite stop off points as he and his men were able to moor their ships in the calm bay and replenish before continuing to and from the east.
The name Inhambane means the place of the friendly people and still today this legend lives on with the local population being extremely friendly and happy.
The local population tap the juice of the coconut trees during the season when the trees are flowering and with this sap they make a favourite alcoholic drink called Sura. At certain times of the year (Sura season) there are lots of celebrations and visitors are able to taste the powerful local brew at their own peril


Casa Barry Lodge has been linked to Tofo Scuba for the past 10 years. Tofo Scuba are our preferred diving provider and are situated 800 metres down the beach from the resort.
Tofo Scuba have an onsite representative at Casa Barry Lodge and they are available at all times to provide, all details on the area and all dive locations, they will also handle all your dive requirements including all transport between the Lodge and the dive centre.
Tofo Scuba also offer full equipment rental and all dive courses from their dive centre in Tofo.
The beaches around Tofo Bay are some of the best in the world. Relax and enjoy sun filled days soaking up the warmth that Mozambique has to offer.
Please remember to bring sunscreen with you as the sun can be very hot in the summer months

The seas around Tofo are well known for the spectacular fishing that is available all year round. The first 1000lb Marlin caught off the African coast was caught at Tofo and because of the very steep drop off, caused by the Mozambique current coming very close to the land, this produces a huge array of different game fish, as well as an abundance of bill fish very close to the shore.
The Lodge offers Fishing charters on their 2 fully equipped ski-boats, either with or without tackle and with a qualified assistant, who will assist in helping you to achieve that dream of landing the "Big One".
Rock and Surf Fishing
The rock and surf fishing in and around Tofo is spectacular, with wonderful ledges, sandy beaches and the famous cliffs of (Goat Hill )Tofinho, there is definitely a spot for everyone to fish from. Whether it is doing drop shot style fishing or hunting for the big Giant King Fish.
The largest Bone fish caught in Tofo this season was 9,86 kg, so if you are up to it maybe you can smash the World Record with one of these wonderful fighting fish.
If you like fishing, Tofo will excite you.

Casa Barry Lodge has a full restaurant and bar facility on it's premises, Our restaurant and deck are on the waters edge and overlooks the famous Tofo Bay swimming beach. Our restaurant offers simple meals from hamburgers and pasta to the more extravagant and famous seafood platters. We try and offer as many fresh seafood dishes as possible, however this does sometimes depend on what our fishermen manage to catch on the day.
Mozambique's famous foods like peri-peri chicken, prawns and many other local dishes are also on offer in the restaurant - these all being specialties of our local chefs.
The lodge bar is a place where one can relax and listen to stories of unbelievable diving and fishing adventures, or watch satellite TV to catch up on what the rest of the world is doing while you are in paradise. The bar is well stocked with International, local and South African beverages and is open from 7.30 am till 11 pm.

Manta Rays & Whalesharks
Dr. Andrea Marshall our senior resident marine scientist, has discovered a NEW species of Manta Ray.
This is fantastic news and is huge in the world of Marine science. Meet Andrea in person while you are staying at Casa Barry Lodge and learn first hand about her unique and exciting discoveries in Tofo
Casa Barry Lodge is a proud sponsor of the Manta Ray and Whale Shark Trust and will continue to support this wonderful cause
The Manta Ray & Whale Shark Research Centre is based at Casa Barry Lodge. They conduct and facilitate their research, conservation and education on the marine life of Mozambique.
Current research focuses on sharks and rays, primarily manta rays (Manta birostris) and whale sharks (Rhincodon typus).
Tofo is one of the best places on earth to dive with Giant Manta Rays and swim with Gentle Whale Sharks. You can see Giant Manta Rays and Whale Sharks 12 months of the year at Tofo. We believe that Tofo is the only place in the world, that has both species present all year round.
Humpback Whales visit us every year between July and the end of September. If you are looking for something spectacular or just a gentle cruise to see these beautiful creatures, then this is the time to be in Tofo

Population Ecology of Whale Sharks
(Rhincodon typus)
Southern Mozambican waters contain a consistently high density of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus). This study aims to provide data on the population structure, migration patterns and conservation of these threatened sharks. (More)
Population Ecology of Manta Rays
(Manta birostris)
The manta ray (Manta birostris) population around Tofo Beach is the largest currently known in the world. This study aims to define population structure and size, identify critical habitats and obtain basic biological and ecological data on these gigantic rays.

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